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Since i have multiple sites and journals, and do nto want todo the boring post everything everywhere thing, i have been doing some thinking, and here is my conclusion:

Livejournal: Fanfic and fandom-related stuff about anything else then the sims, some  posts about me ranting/venting, About games i like to play, etc. I also will link to posts on Dreamwith  and Fanfic.net here, alhough the latter probably only in communities i am part of. i will not post any complete fanfic here anymore, but sill add a reading list on this journal. I might or might not remove already posted fanfic.

Dreamwith: Sims 2 updates, chatter, and the few things i might upload, or if i like something sims 2 or 3 and want to link to it.

Deviantart: Crochet stuff, things i make myself, etc. not going to add fanfic here anymore, not sure if i will delete what is already there. If i delete the fanfic, i will replace it with a reading list.

Facebook: Daily stuff.  Some of the photos i make, chatter about me and my family, etc. Some things migth seem silly, or not make sense here.

twitter: links to things i like, find funny, etc. also will get links to my post on other sites, like dreamwith , lifejournal and deviantart.

Fanfic.net: My fanfics go here. (kinda logical, me thinks.)

MY website
: Links to all other places. not sure what i will do more, and the content might chance from time to time, as will the layout, since i often use  my site here to try coding stuff. In the least will contain things like reading lists, links to the one or two not so interesting tutorials i wrote, If i upload downloads for the sims 2 they will be linked to, too, and a list of my fave sites/places.

Comments/tips/questions are welcome, i don't bite. ( although i might take a day or two with answering.. sorry about that in advance.)
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