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I decided to give story-writing with the Sims a try, after some practicing with making pictures.  Not sure if the quality of the photos is good enough, they do  look good to me. I cant set the computer higher then this.

I am open to suggestions for the title. Please no criticism beyond pointing out spelling errors. i write for fun, and relaxation. Comments are welcome, however. always nice to know if someone is reading what i post.


Well, this is me. How i ended up in the middle of the desert? To be honest, i have no idea. I do not remember much From before i ended up here. Okay, i remember bits and pieces, like my father being rich, and the owner of a big corporation. and some other, at this moment, useless things. For the rest, i remember nothing, not even my last name. Just my first name.. and that of the child i hold.

Who i am? My name is Kyle. and the child name is Kenneth. I am not sure, but i think the kid might be related to me,  although the how is a bit fuzzy. But lets start at the beginning, a few moments ago.


My arrival here was a bit painful. Of all the places to land, i had to land right in the middle of a patch of prickly  local plant life.  I am sure i got tossed out of something, but apart from some vague  memories of a blue whirlwind-like phenomenon that took me here, i can not tell you how.


Despite feeling groggy, i got up as soon as i was able. I think you can easily guess the reason why.  A look around told me i ended up in a place with a lot of sand, sun, rocks, cactus plants, and what i hoped was a road, in the distance. Then i heard a child crying, and got a good look at my companion in this adventure.


A toddler. A loudly crying toddler. It took me a few minutes before i had recovered enough to move towards the child, and while i looked at the boy, i somehow connected a name to the child: Kenneth.

I had no idea what to do. While i tried to figure out what do do now, and what to do with a upset toddler. However, it does not take a genius to figure out that staying in the middle of nowhere with a kid is a good idea. I decided to see if that road led to somewhere.


Look, i am a teenager, and i am pretty sure, i have never had too look after a toddler before. At least the kid was  for now happy enough to have someone pick him up off the sandy ground and hold him.


Anyone here have a manual for toddler-care? i think i am in dire need of one. Food, a place to sleep, and a shower would be nice too. At least the kid came with clothes on. That is  some luck, rigth?


Anyways, that brings us to where i am now, walking along a road.  I think i see a car in the distance. hope whoever drives it is willing to give  me and the little one a lift to a nearby  place  that has more humans, water and food, and less rock and prickly plants.

And? like it, hate it, continue to post, or keep on my computer for my own entertainment?

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